Load Carrier - Labware Barcode Error

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering how to get the exact results of a LoadCarrier step. More precisely, I would like to investigate at which position there is no sample, a sample without a readable barcode, or a sample with a readable barcode.

I don’t want to open the error handling window right away, where I can enter the barcode myself, but first read out the available data for each position individually.

Is that somehow possible?
I can’t find the information in the ReturnValues of the LoadCarrier SingleSteps, there is only the MainError = 5 (Slave Error = 0).

Any ideas?

Thank you very much

Hi @Martin ,

Sample tube carriers with standard tubes (no micro centrifuge tubes) can return the difference between Barcode Not Detected and Tube Not Detected. You do need to ensure the sample tube carrier has the property MlStarCarPosAreRecognizable defined as 1. Plate scanning will not allow detection outside of barcode error on the STAR line.

The main error codes you can use for your filter are:

  • 0 = Success
  • 5 = Barcode error (tube exists)
  • 106 = Tube not detected

For the load single step, you want to use the positions “*” which tells the Autoload to scan all the positions. Alternatively you could use “1,2,3” which tells the Autoload to expect tubes in positions 1, 2 and 3. Using “?” will tell the Autoload to only scan positions that a tube is detected and will not return the 106 error code as those positions will get automatically skipped.


The logic that I used to filter this information out can be seen below:

The end result after scanning the tube carrier is 3 sequences based on the error that was returned.

Hope this helps!


Thank you @BrandonBare_Hamilton
setting the property MlStarCarPosAreRecognizable was the issue in my code.

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