Looking for a mechanical engineer CTO (cofounder) or core-engineer(s)

Looking for a mechanical engineer CTO (cofounder) or core-engineer(s):

If you are a mechanical engineer/roboticist, want to have a massive impact, and grow by working with a great team to build first-of-a-kind tech to disrupt the
healthcare sector, continue reading :slight_smile:

Longevity industry has experienced a huge amount of growth in recent
years. There are hundreds of startups, academics and big companies
fighting the root problem of all health issues - aging.
Longevity medicine promises to improve human health, but is
fundamentally limited by the long time-scales and high costs required
to complete studies.

Weโ€™re building a first of a kind automated animal research facility to reduce the cost, labor and data quality problems associate with current animal research. Doing so would solve one of the most important bottlenecks of biomedicine.
If youโ€™re:

  1. A consummate engineer
  2. Experienced in running teams
  3. Indexing on meaning and maximum positive impact
  4. Valuing effectiveness over credentials
  5. Able to join us in San Francisco/Bay Area from summer 2023
    then reach out.

Couple of facts about the company:

  1. The founders have multiple years of building AI healthcare
    startups, PhD from Harvard University, hardware experience and a core mission of building
    the infrastructure needed to solve aging.
  2. Advisors are Harvard faculty.
  3. Startup is operating in stealth mode since 2022.
  4. Startup is part of Nucleate and Harvard iLabs accelerator.
  5. Has gotten multiple grants/minimally dilutive SAFEs
  6. Company will operate on premise from the bay area.

Any recommendation that results in a hire will be rewarded with 4000 USD for the CTO and 2000 for the core engineer(s)

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Interested what is your email I can send my resume.

just sent