Low-cost Tissue Culture Microscopy (Confluency and Cell Density)

Hi all,

Does anyone here have much experience engineering microscopy for automated tissue culture platforms? There seems to be a huge price range but not sure what the functional differences are between devices.

I’ve seen cases where people engineered motorized stages and incubators for otherwise manually-operated microscopes. This can save tens of thousands of dollars, but seems risky from an operations perspective.

The last one is actually a modified 3D printer! Turns out they have many similar operating principles. Sounds familiar right?

DIY Setups:

Openstage: A Low-Cost Motorized Microscope Stage with Sub-Micron Positioning Accuracy

Motorized Microscope Stage for Olympus IX50

Saving 99.5%: automating a manual microscope with a 3D printed adapter | Theo Sanderson

MicroHikari3D: an automated DIY digital microscopy platform with deep learning capabilities