Lunatic Chip Loading on Fluent

I think this could be a great question for any liquid handler!

Immediate question does anyone have the labware file for a Lunatic Chip on hand?

@smohler : if still applicable let me know and I can send the labware files to you for importing on Fluent.

We proofed one out at this point, but OMG! @KevMcGuire_Tecan are you a real TECAN representative similar to some of the Hamilton reps on this channel!

@Stefan this is huge! We’ve expanded from 1 vendor to 2! #champagne


hi kevin, did you make any progress looking for labware file for Lunatic plate ?

Hey folks,
I don’t have a labware file for the lunatic but a related question. We are loading lunatic plates using our Biomek i7 for DNA concentration measurements, but I am struggling with failing measurements. I noticed that failing measurements are caused by a bubble getting trapped in the detection area. Has anyone observed similar problems with the lunatic chips, and maybe found a solution?


If there’s a bubble, it might be caused by the airgaps in your dispense step. Blowout air, transport air?

for dispensing into a microfluidic chip, i would suggest the following:

  • do not aspirate a leading air gap
  • do not aspirate a transport/trailing air gap
  • over-aspirate sample by 1-2 uL
  • upon dispense, make sure 1-2 uL remains in the tip
  • slow down dispense speed, acceleration, deceleration etc to keep dispense super slow e.g. 1 second to dispense
  • use a longer delay after dispense
  • add a 500-750 ms delay post dispense