Mammalian Cell Proliferation using SBS slots

Hello my fellow automation geeks!

I was wondering if anybody here proliferates mammalian cells using a system with an integrated automated incubator. My team was thinking about trying to culture cells in single well SBS microplates (like this) on our tecan, but I feel like slightly higher wall heights would help with adding more media, hence offsetting the amount of evaporation one would get using a single well plate with a not-so-tightly fitting lid.

Does anybody have experience with doing this, or does anyone have any single well microplate recommendations we could try out?

Thanks for reading! :robot:

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Are you wondering what labware/ plates to use? The Allen Institute has an automated mammalian cell system for stem cells, maybe this could help. I don’t think they use single plates though.


I wonder if @Optimize or @MikeMueller have done anything similar on a Tecan

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check out this website
Platform - Trailhead Biosystems (

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