Mesh or Texture Files Cheat Sheet

Just out of curiosity but is there a cheat sheet for making mesh/texture files for labware/devices?

I’ve tried to import X3D graphics but had problems.

There is a tewiki page about creating custom models that has some hints and common issues. Might have to email the helpdesk to obtain a copy. I’ve created a few and I think the hardest problem for me was converting to X3D in a way that the shape is full and not just a shell, which the Fluent didn’t like. I think I used some wonky camera software for this and had to play with import export settings a ton before I could get it to work.

Interesting. You’ve had this problem even when given a CAD file from the vendor?

Only when creating models myself, so far.

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Ah makes sense, it seems simple but it hated my X3D file I guess

This was a few years ago at this point, but I think it had to be exported with certain features enabled - something like including mesh instead of vertex outlining and I think the orientation was crazy - I had to export 3 or 4 times before I could figure out where “down” was on the model export.

I wish I had the file, software, or instructions to share but those stayed with my old job. I’d say best path forward would be to contact helpdesk to see if you can get that te-wiki printout, which in itself wasn’t all-inclusive but had a lot of direction.

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Yeah that was my impression as well, there’s one or two things that aren’t aligning. I’ll reach out!