MIO shaking incubator tower experiences?

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone else is using the Tecan MIO (monitored shaking incubators) with their Fluent. Curious what your experiences have been with the 4 and 6 plate options of the MIO and integration with the FluentControl software.

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I’ve used the MIO2 for EVOware, does it behave in the same way in Fluent. I wouldn’t expect it to be any different but it’s a great incubator. We use it for shaking, individual temperature slots for plate to test effect of temperature, and we use it as a dark room for our light sensitive reagents.

I would expect it to perform better on the Fluent due to the better RGA/RoMa. The RoMas on the Evos just don’t quite have the precision required to get lidded plates out of the MIO 6 shelf units with 100% reliability. You can get them to 99.99% reliability, but every now and then the Z-height won’t be perfect. The RGA on the Fluents is miles better for precision so I suspect you can get closer to that 100% reliability and more easily too.

hardware wise - pretty std,
RGA has better precision in accessing slots
do NOT use the default settings for RGA - definitely slow speeds down
plates & lids are v tight - slot height is narrow on 6 position

i’ve done a lot of work with FC scheduler - with multiple MIO’s and the control/commands seem to be OK

4 slot is better in my opinion as slot height does yield more room to work with

temperature is good, consistent & quick to ramp up

entire hardware, firmware for MIO goes back to v early days - Genesis RMP in early 2,000’s - Tecan didn’t see a need to change it