Missing Functionality of Channel Single Steps


So in Venus I’m attempting to do an aspiration and dispense using the 8 channels, but the only options available are smart step aspiration and dispense with the only single step being a “on the fly” dispense.

How do I get single step aspiration and dispense to show up in my toolbox?

Open Hamilton Method Editor and select Tools > System Configuration Editor > Step Selection

The default install has quite a few useful single step commands hidden, so I suggest going through the entire list and enabling functions that are useful to your hardware config

Thanks! I did this to get error handling to become visible, but I don’t see any for single steps

There are two different step selection menus in system configuration editor. The tab/menu you used to enable custom error handling is the menu for general steps.


To toggle the ML_STAR single steps you want visible, go to the ML_STAR section in system config editor, and toggle the commands you want available in the single steps subsection, within the ML_STAR category. I usually just double click the subsection header to enable all steps visible in one action, and then deselect any individual ones not desired to be visible in method editor. You don’t need to worry about deselecting steps for hardware components not enabled in the ‘Simulator Configuration’ subsection (components not relevant to your system) as VENUS will automatically hide these even if they are marked as ‘Step Visible’.


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