Moving a plate from one location to another

searching throug the forum didn’t return any matches so I wonder if this problem is specific to my software version/installation - however I cannot find a way to program a sequence required for plate transfer by CO-RE Grip. I simply cannot select the carriers or address individual positoins on them. Does anybody know what the problem might be please? The aim is to create a magnetic beads clean-up method so the plate must move to/from the magnet.

@Nikolay You need a sequence representing the plate the on the deck and a sequence representing the plate on the magnet. Then (at least the way I do it) you can “Get Plate” using the deck sequence and “Place Plate” using the magnet sequence



This is correct. I’m not sure which version of software you’re using, but the concept is consistent across revisions. Section 16 of the programmer’s manual covers this in more detail. The example provided has some complexity using an array of sequences, but that isn’t required and you can define the specific sequences in the step like @FEPrecedeBio detailed.

For transports to work in VENUS, the source and destination labware need to use the same labware definition.


Thank you, both! so in order to move 3 plates from left to right (Rack_01 → Rack_02) , I should set up a deck+method like this and just not load any plates on Rack_02 when setting up the run? CO-RE Grip transport smart step seem to be an easier option than Get+Place combo used by @FEPrecedeBio - is there any reason to avoid it?


Correct. There is no reason to avoid the “gold” step that combines the Get and Place. The single steps just allow for more flexibility in case there are other steps to insert between the Get and Place.

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sorry to resurrect this topics but could somebody explain why “OK” is inactive in CO-RE Grip menu? conceptually, it’s no differetn to the screenshot above but Venus just wouldn’t accept this command for some odd reason…

hm, played a bit more with this one … it works with “Nun 96 Fl Lb” plates but not with “Cos 96 PCR” although both look like skirted plate plates on the screenshots. Is there any way to predict which plates are acceptable to CO-RE Grip and which are not? other than by trial and error

Hi @Nikolay ,

If the labware definition has the segments defined (optional measurement of wall width/height), then these parameters will be automatically filled in. If you use a variable or those segments are not defined, then they will remain blank and need values to be filled in.


Fill in the Grip width and open width properties and then the OK button will become re-enabled.


thank you @BrandonBare_Hamilton . Looks like a caliper will become my friend for a while :smile: