Has anyone ever experience a Start Temperature error with multiple CPACs using the MTEC controller? Here are the symptoms:

  1. CPACs initially working however, will encounter a “ms.corlib: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal and less than the size of the argument list.” and “Error 1000: The server may not be available”
  2. After that I cannot get temperature control to work, however, can adjust the target temperature.
  3. I have rebooted Vantage, desktop computer, and MTEC controllers multiple times, still showing sample problem. What has worked has been to power off, and reconnect USB wires to different usb ports.
  4. Not sure what version MTEC controller is the most recent, but it looks like it was updated back in 12/21/2020.

@chips-a-hoai - For this particular issue, I recommend contacting your local applications support team, who can help with evaluating options for a more stable or more recent MTEC driver.

Message me directly if you need to be pointed in the right direction for local support, or if you have already reached out and haven’t heard back.


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we saw the same once twice in last 4 years but once we make it work then that does not happen again.