Multi-channel Head Rebuild & Repair Service Solution

Copia Scientific’s LabSquad division provides complete rebuild and repair of multi-channel pipetting heads!

Platforms supported:

  • Agilent Bravo & Vprep - 96LT, 96ST, & 384ST

  • Beckman Biomek i-Series & FXp/NXp

  • Hamilton Microlab STAR & STARlet - CORE-I & CORE-II

  • Perkin Elmer Janus Series MDT

  • Tecan Freedom EVO - MCA-96 & MCA-384

  • Thermo Scientific PlateMate Series

  • Also repair & rebuild of Hamilton Microlab individual pipettors!

All heads are tested using the ARTEL MVS system with documentation. Removal & installation services available.

For more information pricing and to see how Copia’s LabSquad service team can help, please contact us at 877-267-4272 or email at