Need VWorks Help!

I am currently writing a protocol for the Bravo and need a process to execute at a certain point during an incubation step. Right now, the robot waits until the incubation step is done to continue the next process. Is there a way to have the robot execute the next process while the incubation is still going?

Based on some of the other discussions on here @Pete seems like the man to answer this!

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@andrewsnediker Sorry, I missed this thread.

VWork is also a very powerful scheduler. To start, I would create another process lane in VWorks. You could use the spawn task to trigger that process from the original bravo process and from there, you can do a few things to control the timing.

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Some more details might be helpful, but let’s take an example that you have Plate 1 that incubates for 30 mins and 15 minutes into that incubate you need Plate 2 to start a process. Two ways to accomplish that would be to spawn the second plate as soon as the 30min incubate for Plate 1 starts and then in the Plate 2 swim lane the first step is a 15min incubate.

The other way would be to incubate Plate 1 for 15 mins, spawn Plate 2, then incubate Plate 1 a further 15 mins.

Or perhaps I completely misunderstood and none of that was useful.

If the action can take place in the same subprocess you can add a “reserve location” task for incubating the plate for XX minutes, then add the required reagent to the plate that’s been incubated (I am assuming that you want to add something to that plate during the incubation step) and then add another reserve location for the remaining time.