Nested Tips Dilemma

Hi all,

I recently purchased the 50 µL nested conductive tips and the
nestable tip rack (NTR) stack landscape carrier (182074) but I have some concerns regarding their utilities.

First, I was wondering if there is a file for the 5x4 stacked version for the 96 CO-RE head, similar to how there is one for the 384 CO-RE head.

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 2.48.47 PM

All I have for the 96 CO-RE head nested tips is the single rack version.

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 2.38.30 PM

The reason why I would prefer the 5x4 stacked version is because I would like to place the nested tips next to a framed tip rack (FTR) landscape carrier (182085).

If I was to pick up from a single nested tip rack with the 96 CO-RE head, then the head will collide with the FTR carrier. However, this would not be an issue if the head were to pick it from a stack of nested tips. Below are the pictures of what I meant. I know there is the solution to leave one trail between the two carriers but that is not an option.

TLDR: Is there is a file for the 5x4 stacked nested tip carrier (50 uL) for for the 96 CO-RE head? If no, then what are some ways to get around that?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

@Nat - You can drag a single NTR 96 rck onto a site of the carrier base and add stacked labware. You can access this option by right clicking the labware once it is dragged on deck.

You can either do this for each carrier site or copy and paste the NTR stacks to the other sites. Either way the result will be the same, which is what you are after:



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Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for the help!



I’m also jumping in the discussion for a little tip that took me way too long to realize at the beginning.

If you need to create a sequence for each tip box of your stack, you can drag and select over a well (instead of clicking on it) and it will take everything that is stacked (on the z axis) to the sequence.

Then you can simply remove the rows that you don’t need from the sequence.