Hi all,

Can someone enlighten me as to what the differences are between a NGS STAR (LSA) and a NGS STAR (MOA) is?
I’ve seen these LSA/MOA acronyms before, was wondering what this stands for and what these instruments actually are, are they versions with a particular purpose in mind? I’m very familiar with NGS STAR so wanted to query.
Although this is a hardware question and not venus per se, I thought this was a more relevant category to dump this topic in!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Claire,

I’d be happy to help clarify. At Hamilton, we’re big fans of acronyms and initialisms!

See below for a breakdown and graphic. In brief, LSA pertains to our standard NGS STAR which is lower throughput than the MOA which incorporates the MPH96 and ODTC.

  • LSA: Low Sample Addition
  • MOA: MPH96 + ODTC + Add on
  • SBS: Sequencing By Synthesis (confusing as SBS is often used for Society for Biomolecular Screening)

Let me know if that helps! The “NGS STAR” platform has evolved over the years so we had to come up with some terminology to distinguish between the different options.



Thanks for the explanation Eric, that now makes sense in the context of the document I’ve seen them in!