Hi All,

I’m working on a workcell that might use a Nimbus96 as it’s liquid handler. I’ve been trying to reach out to our local sales rep here in the San Francisco bay area but I can’t seem to get a quote from him or to get some questions answered. I’m hoping some of you might know who I can go to in order to get a quote and maybe answer a question or two.

  • I’m looking to use these tips with a robotic arm placing the box on the nimbus deck. Do these tips have a lid on them? If they do, can the iSwap on the Nimbus remove that lid?
  • Any difficulties running the Nimbus on Windows 7 vs 10?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice you all might have!

Hi Landon,

Apologies for any delays in communication. I have spoken with one of the local Hamilton support members who has assured me that they have reached out to your sales support team on your behalf. You should be contacted shortly.

Regarding the filter tip boxes, they do have lids and the gripper can remove them. All tip box sizes are compatible.
The latest NIMBUS 96 software is compatible with both Windows 7 and 10.