"No Waste Found For Excess Volume" error

Hi everyone,

I am running into an issue when mixing beads and samples in a bead clean-up. After the mixing step, I am getting the run-failing error “No Waste Found For Excess Volume.” I have a Freedom EVO 150 air system.

I don’t have the code in front of me but it basically looks like this:

x = bead volume
y = sample volume
get tips
aspirate x beads from trough
dispense x beads into wells
mix beads + samples (x+y) in wells
drop tips

After mixing, I get the error and it completely stops my run. Has anyone run into this issue before? Thanks!

Do you have a liquid waste location?

I have a liquid waste trough, but I’m unsure if it’s labeled correctly so that the machine can use it autonomously. I don’t have a specific labware type called Liquid Waste in my labware options. Currently, I have a trough labeled “Liquid Waste” and I manually tell it to dispense into the trough after an ethanol wash for example. Where can I find the liquid waste labware or is there a setting somewhere to make the trough a defined liquid waste?

I’m also confused why there is excess waste when it is mixing. It didn’t used to run into this issue and I’m only running into it when I’m using the Mix command.

Tried some more troubleshooting today, here is the error it throws:

Error message for Error ID: None
Application: Freedom EVOware, Module: testing_ethanol
Description: no waste found for excess volume
Error occured: 10/11/2022 3:41:07 PM

I have isolated the issue to only occur after a mixing step, doesn’t matter if the tips are immediately ejected after mixing or if there are additional commands before ejecting the tips. I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the waste carrier but not sure how to debug. Has anyone ever run into this issue?


I’m an ex-Tecan applications scientist. Sometimes whether it’s Evo or Fluent, when you are either multi-dispensing or mixing, the liquid class will use more liquid than just the amount to be dispensed into the target well, particularly if you are using a tip for multiple aspirate/dispenses without changing tips - air gaps build up, etc. This error you are getting is indicative of this - “no waste found for excess volume” - there is some additional volume left over beyond the dispense amount and it is going to want to dispense it prior to the tip being shucked to the waste. On Fluent you can specify the name of that container. On Evo I don’t recall but you might try something like assigning a 100 mL or 25mL trough the name LiquidWaste - try naming it without a space. I’m not sure if there is a “magic” name to it or a field somewhere where you have to assign it. I took a look at the manual but no dice there.

You probably don’t want to do this long-term but I’m guessing if you use a new tip for mixing instead of re-using the existing tip, your error will go away. You might also take a look at the liquid class and see if there is anything there. If you want to troubleshoot further, email me at mike.mueller@nucleus-automation.com and we can get it figured out.

Mike Mueller

the issue here is that the Air LiHA has some hidden parameters to control the dispensation of volumes not associated with the typical dispense commands e.g. your excess volume - this is all for security of the residual liquid that could remain in the tip post pipetting,

the evoware.opt file contains 2 specific parameters that influence this behaviour:


i assume you have the first parameter = 1 (giving the error), change it to =0

the best option is to have excess discarded with tips (change second parameter to =1)

any changes to evoware.opt file will require file validation (otherwise EVOware will give errors, depending on the install mode you used)

if you want more details, please reach out daniel.leach@optimizeyourlab.com (mobile 267 421 9291)

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your help. I already had a LiquidWaste trough but fortunately what fixed my issue was adding the specific parameters to discard with the liquid in the tip. Thanks, @Optimize!