Normalization on Tecan without a Magellan reader

Has anyone been able to make a Fluent script for a simple normalization just using a .csv input with concentrations of the sample wells? The baked in commands in Fluent control seem to require Magellan output to get the starting concentrations, or go through sample tracking which seems to be more work than we really need.

fortuitously, i was just working on the same problem where the data captured by quant on a tecan system isn’t available (or difficult to access) for pipetting,
i’ve written .vb applications to handle this
i also used logic through FluentControl to write a volume file/volume files to execute using the “Transfer Individual volume” commands - this was the cleanest way & more efficient for tip consumption

Thanks, yeah I think I’m going to have to go an external route for now to get the dilution calculations done.

I’m just going to throw it out there but have you come across Synthace.

I run normalisation protocols on the Fluent literally everyday and I use Synthace to do this for me.

Yes have used Synthace and do like it a lot, but it’s probably going to be overkill for what we want on this system. Though we are thinking of bringing it on eventually to do some DOE

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