Open source Liquid Handler (Early design)

Here is a basic design I’ve been playing with. Uses standard NEMA motors, off the shelf parts, 80/20 extrusions, and custom 3D printed components. Air displacement pipetting module. Electronics are standard Arduino with the Ramps 1.4 interface board.

Still in process. I plan on releasing the base model under open source. Possibly for use in stem labs as kits for little or no cost.

I see what the Prusa brand did with their 3D printers and think that is a great model to follow.


Love this! How are you programming it? Seems like it could be a great piece of hardware to accompany some opensource software tools


Absolute master class, love to see it

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As of right now I am working mostly with GRBL and G-code scripts to test the movement axis.

I look forward to incorporating and adapting available open source modules into this project.