Power Step Error Handling

I’m using a hit picking power step and am having a hard time with the error handling. I’m aspirating from a deep well block and the starting volume can be a bit variable so I’m trying to just aspirate the available liquid.
When I set the error handling for insufficient liquid to available, custom 0s, the error dialog still comes up for the first sample that has insufficient liquid and needs to be addressed. Interestingly the “available” button is grayed out. However the next sample seems to go through the error handling process just fine.
Is there something I’m missing to get the error handling to apply to the first sample? I’m running Venus 4.4 with the power steps posted in this forum installed.
Any insight would be phenomenal!

The relevant part of the trace is below:

Aspirate start

User Input requested – progress: Error handling waiting for manual recovery!

Aspirate – error: > channel 1:Shaker, H1, E:P1:06/71:Exclude > channel 2: Shaker, H2, E:P2:03/00:repeat

User Input requested-progress;Error manually recovered by user

User Input requested-progress;Start error handling in walkaway mode with timeout (1)

Aspirate – error: > channel 2; shaker, H2, E:P2:06/71:Available

User Input requested-progress; Error automatically recovered depending of custom error configuration (Walk-Away)

Aspirate – complete; >channel 2: Shaker, H2, 950