PreciseFlex 400 and VWorks

I have a PF400 and an instrument that I would like to do a small automated setup with. Are there PF400 drivers available for Vworks (either from Agilent or otherwise)?

To interface the PF400 with VWorks, you would typically need a device driver specifically designed to communicate with the PF400 microplate sealer. This device driver allows VWorks to control the PF400 and automate various sealing operations.

Are we talking about the Precise Flex robot arm?

Hi Ajay - BioNex has drivers for the PF400 on their version of VWorks.

For compatibility and integration with VWorks, you should check directly with Keysight Technologies or Agilent to see if there have been any updates or developments. Additionally, you can explore other automation software platforms that might have compatible drivers for the PF400 instrument to achieve your small automated setup.
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