PyLabRobot now supports Opentrons robots

PyLabRobot now supports Opentrons robots, with a universal API that can be used for both Hamiltons and Opentrons robots. This is a major milestone for PyLabRobot, and we are excited to share it with the community.

Below you can see a short video demo of PyLabRobot running on Opentrons

We are releasing Opentrons support in PyLabRobot alongside a small Python wrapper around the Opentrons HTTP API.

Getting involved

If you are excited about contributing, you’re in good luck. PyLabRobot is participating in Hacktoberfest, and we would love for you to get involved. You may get a free T-shirt! Don’t worry if you have never contributed to open source before, we have a guide just for you. If you do, we’d recommend you start here.

Specific things we would appreciate help with:

  • [ ] Support for the multichannel pipette head,
  • [ ] Integrating other equipment modules,
  • [ ] Extending the http api wrapper library,
  • [ ] Your own ideas!

Awesome job everyone involved! Really exciting to see PyLabRobot expand into other platforms :grin: