QCG Hardware Errors on Vantage


We are looking at optimizing our QCG settings and noticed this error on our Vantage with 2 separate QCGs, and we cleaned the inside chambers that the channels enter into but we still have this issue. The process is as follows:

  1. We set up a QCG pickup from our EE as normal, which worked great throughout the day.
  2. We then optimized some labware positions for NTR pickup where no crashes occurred, again having no issues.
  3. We then experienced this hardware error where the QCG won’t be picked up, and the channels remain in the QCG and the first error message pops up.
  4. After hitting “repeat” we then see that channels 3 and 4 think they have tips attached, which causes us to abort the method.

Any ideas?

Initial Error

Error State on Deck

Error State After Hitting “Repeat” and Aborting Method

Hi @Kastronaut,

Can you please upload a copy of the Trace and HxUsbCommTrace file from this run to this link. The image you posted doesn’t show the offending error (the Hardware Error on Channel 4). A “Not Executed Error”, seen on Channel 3, occurs when a step doesn’t finish due to a separate error or interruption.

Thank you,


Hey Dan, Nadia here. I just uploaded the .trc files from 2 different runs from this morning and the other file as well. Let me know if you need anything else.

The screenshots above are from yesterday where the Hamilton was using channel 4 as the front channel. Today, I restested and used channel 8 as the front channel and was seeing similar error, but not the hardware error. This screenshot is from this morning

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