Release Notes for Venus and Nimbus96

Hi Everyone,

I’m going through the process upgrading the versions of Venus and Nimbus96 that we use within our company. Due to the regulation of our industry our effort to do this must be heavily documented.

One of the pieces of documentation that I need to produce is a review of all release notes between the versions we’re running and the versions we’re moving to.

Is any able to help me get hold of all of the release notes for?:

  • Venus Two to Venus Five
  • Nimbus96 Version to

Thank you for any help you’re able to give!


I have uploaded the version histories here.

Thank you,



Hi Eric,

Thank you very much for the version histories! That should get my January off to a good start.

Looking at the version histories got me thinking about the twisted path of software naming over the years. I noticed in another thread that VENUS is an acronym for Vector NEw USer software and the predecessor of VENUS was of course Vector. My question is, where and how does Phoenix fit into things? The software package as a whole is referred to as VENUS but when you open the Version Information application it lists two software components with one being Phoenix and the other ML_STAR. What actually are those two components and where does the naming come from?

Many thanks for taking the time to reply!

Hi Will,

Phoenix is actually the name of the underlying software for Vector/VENUS. The ML_STAR software contains the device commands for the STARline platform. When you create a system deck, you select ML_STAR as the instrument/device. Linking that system deck to a method would allow you access to the ML_STAR commands.

There are other devices supported by Phoenix and if they are installed, then they would also show up in the Version Information screen. However, for the most part, control for other devices is handled by HSL libraries.

I hope that helps clarify things!


Thanks for the extra info Eric - that helps make sense of it I think.