Reply for a post can just go under the reply intead of the end

The forums are great but sometime it become a little confusing as all replies go to bottom and hard to read it or keep track as sometime there are several things going in a discussion. it will be good to have tree for replies intesd of just 1.

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Ill look into how to do that, thanks for the suggestion

Seems like the forum engine we use was intentionally designed to not have this feature

Thansk for looking into it. I am not sure how diffcult to change this. My only concern is that, if I come to a post in 10 days and then its hard to reply to some previous thing as it will be all jumbled but its ok.

When a user replies to your post, you can click on their name to see the appropriate reply. I’ve replied to you here, so you can see! (it might need posts afterward to see it?)