Request for defaultcmds - 5 mL Channels


I just started using pyhamilton just recently to create a script to support a method our Hamilton Star. The star we have has 4 - 5mL channels with 8-1mL Channels. Would it be possible to add the 5 mL channels to the command options?


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Yes its possible with an extension of the API, shouldnt be too hard. In short you have to add a new function to universal method This would basically mean following the instructions here:

However these instructions might be out of date or lack details. Ill send more clear instructions soon.

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Awesome! I was able to add the 5 mL Channels command set list and run a test command. Works as expected!

Thanks Stefan!

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Whoa sweet! Glad to hear it! Do you want to make a pull request to the master repo?

I would but I had to remove a few of the other commands including the Inheco and pH module as I was running into some errors.

Let me retry and get back to you.

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Ok cool, I’m happy to help with any problems (I’ve seen it all before) and would be thrilled to assist with making a PR