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We are looking for a reservoir with the possibility to have a different solution in e.g. the first and/or last column. The closest I came was this one:, but I guess the barriers in the reservoir do not have the flexibility to be moved to another position?!
Any hint or help is highly appreciated!

Best, Cornelia

Hi Cornelia @csthauer ,

best (cheapest) is indeed to stick to existing consumable plates. Axygen (now Corning) has a rather large variety of these: Axygen® Reagent Reservoirs | Corning. I’ve used multiple different ones from them. I have not heard about a solution where you could move the well walls to create larger/smaller partitions within one holder. Some people 3D print stuff like this if it can be washed and reused without issues for the application. Then you can customize it a bit more. Hope this helps!

Cheers, Kevin

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check out V&P scientific

VP 531J1 - Polypropylene Reservoir with 384 Dimpled Bottom for 384 Robotic Pipettors, 1 Separate Control Well with 16 positions and one large section with 368 Positions, SLAS Footprint x 32 mm Tall - Reservoirs - Reagent/Cleaning Reservoirs And Specialty Labware - Products (



Thanks, that is pretty much what we are looking for. Any idea on the price? Sterility?

@csthauer Hi Cornelia. I used this reservoir system from Beckman in the past. It gave me the most flexibility at that time. Biomek® Modular Reservoirs, Beckman Coulter® | VWR
Good Luck!

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Thanks, that could def. be an option as well.