Rotating plates 90 degrees around Z axis

BioNex’s plate rotator seems like exactly what we need. A more hacked solution could use an optical stage rotator like this Thorlabs one or this.

Does anyone know a good, cheap plate rotator that just works?

Ideally the rotation position is very accurate, so we can go in and pipette directly on top of the rotator.

The idea is this device allows full automation of 384 qPCR plate prep on our OT-2 with the 8-channel p20 head.

I love that second option a lot wow.

Let me source some other components.

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+1 for ThorLabs. Those labsnacks they send along with orders fed me during my poor unpaid undergrad years.

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That BioNex Plate Rotator probably costs more than your OT-2…but its legit.

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