Sample Storage Tube Decapper Recommendations


We are currently in the process of configuring a Hamilton Verso Q20 for our Vantage system. We want to use Hamilton 0.3mL and 1.0mL tubes in the system. As part of this we need to think of a decapper to create a seamless integration.

We were recommended the LabElite decapper by Hamilton but we are severely limited in available integration space. We have practically zero space in the logistics cabinet and we do not have the space for the back cabinet. The main issue for us in the height of the LabElite decapper. Does anyone have any recommendations on decappers that are smaller in height?

What’s the height of their decapper?

What’s the height you have available?

Hi @BirdBare ,

if you’re using Hamilton Labware, i’d find a way to make the LabElite work for your integration. even though it is only column or row based capping, it is pretty fast, AND very reliable. Reliability is what you need. many decappers on the market have a history of non-reliability. Word on the street is the LabElite is very reliable.

another option, is the Azenta IntelliXcap - IntelliXcap™ 96 Tube Capper/Decapper, Screw Caps | Azenta Life Sciences

these are the two reliable decappers in the industry.

maybe you could use a small integration to facilitate your needs?



You may be the first person I’ve seen describe the IntelliXcap decapper as reliable.


So the only available space for the decapper would be on-deck since it won’t fit with our current logistics cabinet configuration. I think the max height of the deck is close to 10 inches (I think the decapper is 17 inches).

Are you aware of an on-deck version of the LabElite?

Can you clarify what you mean by “small integration?” This is what I am looking for but unsure what it means.

I have never used or seen the LabElite in person so I can’t give input there.

I can tell you that I do use the AlteCap Swift Cell and it’s a lot smaller than the IntelliXcap.

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Hi @BirdBare ,

well, it sounds like you’re already trying to integrate several devices together, but the robotic handler cannot reach the space where you’d need to put the decapper. this might already be a small integration. but it sounds like your robotic handler is the gripper of the Liquid Handler. Might I suggest… You could instead, add a robotic arm in there, and then it would open up more reach to be able to integrate other devices as well.

HighRes creates integrations of all size. and most likely has a solution that will fit your needs. Here is a link to their website.

let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thank you for the suggestion!

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How do you like the SwiftCell? I’ve been looking at this system for awhile but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Overall impression of the company’s customer service has been very positive but my only experience with this platform has been through marketing literature.

Feel free to message directly if you’d prefer to share your thoughts in private. Been going back and forth on this decision for awhile now and eager to hear some honest feedback.

Actually there new version is really good and reliable.

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I love it so far. As far as the team is concerned, I’ve had nothing but lovely conversations with them and they are very thorough with their research.

There are companies who merely seek to push boundaries and then are those who push in order to break through them, and I firmly believe that AltemisLab is one of those groups that’s going to push this space further & further.

Keep an eye out for them at SLAS, they’re going to be everywhere


And here’s one pretty cool feature that just showed up on YouTube - AlteCap MagCap


Pretty cool!

Coming in a little late to this, @BirdBare , but I recently started supporting the LabElite in addition to my previous portfolio at Hamilton. I’m assuming you’ve already talked with your ACE/sales rep/apps team about this, but could you use the “integrated I.D.Capper” ? This would let the decapper sit outside of the instrument, but use the extended rail to put the tubes onto the deck without the entire decapper having to be inside the cabinet.

You can integrated the standard/“Non-integrated” I.D. Capper (commonly done in the B module of a Vantage). The difference is the extended rail, and if I read it properly, the limitation was Z height. In that case, the extended rail might fix the problem for you.

(Assuming you have space on the side of the unit. If you haven’t discussed integrating into the side with your team, definitely ask about it!)

I have heard about the integrated decapper! Do you currently support the integrated version?

How much footprint does it add to your system?
Would you say the rail integration is robust?

I’m going to shoot you a DM to touch base on a couple of details, but for public knowledge, integrated units fall under the Robotics side of things (I support the stand-alone units).

The rail integration is very robust–it’s been used quite heavily in a lot of systems. It’s really nice as a sales guy to be able to say that the instrument is a tank!

Footprint depends on how we define it. (cop out answer I know) – the unit itself will add ~23 inches to the side. If your Vantage is not sitting on a counter but instead has a B module (which it sounds like is the case for you), you’ll need a table for the LabElite to sit on. So that could positively or negatively impact your footprint depending on your space and how you use the table.

I’d definitely talk to your local Robotics team about that to visualize all of it.


Also, to reiterate, the footprint I mentioned above is just for the “Integrated” model. The standard ID Capper, which can also be integrated, could potentially sit outside the Vantage but would potentially have a different footprint. One benefit of that system is that you can integrated it in a Vantage in the B module.

In this specific case, sounds like that isn’t a good fit (quite literally), but putting it in this thread for other lab’s reference.

It seems like the AlteCap Swift Cell and Altemis Lab tubes where everywhere at SLAS.