Scientific Applications Engineer - Aromyx - Mountain View, CA

At Aromyx, we are looking for a Scientific Applications Engineer to help us integrate ELN and LIMS into our manual and automated workflows.

The first project is to work with Benchling to help rebuild our tenant into a more efficient and connected environment. We recently added Worklfows functionality to Benchling and have plans to use software to automated the process of task and experiment requests in our screening environment.

After the Benchling integration, we are working with our Software teams to implement an existing automated analysis pipeline into the automation stack. The goal here is that the hardware will be able to post updates, milestones, and results directly into the pipeline for immediate and hands-off screening data analysis. Integrating custom databases, as well as Benchling into the automation systems, we are developing a proto-LIMS systems to assign samples to their corresponding screening plates based off of the scientists request criteria.

This is a fantastic position that bends science, software, cloud infra, and hardware . This role will make a huge impact on the company’s screening and data capabilities with room for upward advancement.

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