Script for Method Name


I was wondering whether anyone can enlighten me how to get the name of the current method.


@JiggyDancer What version of Biomek software are you using?

Biomek5, but i wouldn’t mind the same for Biomek4. Since I’m running both FXPs & i7s.

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Lower left corner of Biomek (I use 5.1) should showcase the current method, shown here as “20DEC23_Move_Labware”:

@JiggyDancer Are you trying to query the method name during a method? or just trying to see the name of the method as described in @Kastronaut answered?

I was hoping for a script to query the method name. Thanks.

All I have is this, but it doesn’t work during pre-run validation.


arrMethodFileName = Split(World.Volatile.MethodFileName, "\")
PC.SetGlobal "MethodName", arrMethodFileName(UBound(arrMethodFileName))
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@JiggyDancer For Biomek 4, try putting the following before the Instrument Setup Step in the Method:

'Create a pause step object. Note that CreateStep, not CreateObject is used
set step = CreateStep(“Steps.PauseStep”)
'Fill in the step dictionary
step.Dictionary(“Mode”) = “PromptedGlobal”
step.Dictionary(“Message”) = World.Editor.RecentMethods(“0”).Method
Enqueue step

I will see if I can get something for Biomek iSeries.

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I believe its similar for Biomek 5
I can fetch the currently running method name with the following script (VBA):

world.globals.propertychanger.setglobal "pc", world.globals.propertychanger
Dim g_MethodName
pc.setglobal "g_MethodName",g_MethodName

Running a user pause with =g_MethodName shows the current running script.

Using these items instead show the 0,1,2,3… most recent method such as seen in the recent file list.

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