Straight p20 pipette tips compatible with OT-2

We noticed Opentrons’ 20ul pipette tip ends deflect ~1mm from centerline, likely due to poor manufacturing process. These tip inconsistencies prevents us from loading 384w pcr plates without bending a couple tips on each plate.

Does anyone know where we can purchase OT-2 compatible p20 pipette tips that don’t deflect from the centerline? If we had these, we can run our fully automated OT-2 qPCR prep!


Last time I complained to Opentrons support about this, they said it was a known issue related to the cooling regime in the injection molding.

…but I recently bought tips, and they seem to have the same issue! So don’t know if this is a “known issue, can fix soon” or a “we’ll fix in 5 years when we finally exhaust and replace our original injection molds”

Would be curious if you found any good alternatives! I imagine most pipette tips would work - it would just be a software configuration thing, to have the OT-2 be putting on tips when the tip height might be a bit different.

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Now it’s just a matter of someone identifying tips with a more reliable manufacturing practice (not googleable?), and having those tips fit the OT-2 pipette: (~3.25mm aperture)