System Configuration Editor: Error Settings

Hello everyone,

I am a fairly new Hamilton (Venus) user. I am interested in using the built-in error settings to use ‘Execute Program’ that activates a .exe file which activates a script to notify me of an error as I mainly work from behind my desk.

When I was testing this function it seemed like it was not working correctly. It would only activate the .exe file once I acknowledged an error by clicking on ‘continue’ as far as I remember.
Am I doing something wrong perhaps? I would expect the .exe to fire once an error occurs.

Would anybody be so kind to help me out?


@Ediagnostics - That feature is designed to run the executable as soon as the error is generated and the waiting recovery window appears. Perhaps there was a lag in the network that delayed delivery of the custom notification that was scripted?

If you run the script outside of run control, from the same PC, is the response immediate?


Hey Nick,

Thanks for the fast reply. When I run the .exe/script outside of run control it is immediately run. I remember one time I left the Hamilton to run overnight and once I booted up the computer the script ran as well, but from what I remember it was after clicking on continue.
I will be able to test again next week and I expect and hope that you are probably right. Thanks!