Tecan Fluent error - parameter out of range

Hi all,

I am getting an error when executing a gwl in simulation. It does not like some height parameter. Anyone know where this height parameter is coming from and how to adjust it?


This is line 21 of my Script.


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for simulation, i find it best to not use liquid detection - the microscript variable for liquid level isn’t set and the “height” error appears

the line 8 refers to the liquid class microscript you are using

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Thanks for the fast reply! That makes sense. Going forward I’ll disable LLD in Sim.

In simulation mode, liquid level detection is triggered at Z-Start. This error message occurs in simulation when Z-Start is defined outside of the compartment definition. If the compartment is not defined correctly, this error can be observed in a real run as well. To verify that Z-Start is within the compartment, subtract Z-Bottom from Z-Start, and compare that to the total height of the compartment. The values of interested are circled below:


Wow that worked. The difference between Z Start and Bottom was just a few hundredths larger than the Compartment. I updated it so that it was equal to and it works without the error now. Great to know!


The Fluent software is insanely powerful but if you don’t get those little details with dimensions or definitions, you’ll get all sorts of wonky behavior. STANDARDIZE!

It also helps to audit your definitions.

I’ve just encountered this error. But luckily I had just read this thread so thanks @EricScheitz_Tecan for your answer and @tgraham for having already raised this. Much appreciated!