Tecan Fluent - show and tell ? (Amsterdam area)

Hi Everyone,

I have been on the forum for a little while and I really enjoy all the help here. At my current workplace we have a Tecan Fluent and I would like to gain more insight into the system. As I find that the help from Tecan is not always as informative and the manuals are lacking in specific details I am sometimes struggling to get stuff optimized.

I was wondering if there are people in the Amsterdam area that are willing to provide a show and tell for their Tecan Fluent. Show what they have done, what kind of scripts they have developed, how other equipment is integrated and how they have overcome some issues.


Hi Dirk, I can see your frustration. The manual is a lot to go through and unless you have an automation background it can be difficult to get experiments optimised.

Synthace is an official partner with Tecan and we have a lot of different use cases on the Tecan Fluent.

These can be robocolumn workflows, normalisation, serial dilutions, cherry picking etc. We also have examples of Design of Experiments (DoE). More than happy to talk to you more about this. You can contact me on LinkedIn and we can talk more about this.