Temp control device - Venus


PyLabRobot uses firmware commands to send commands to Hamilton systems. Thus, if I wanted to integrate a HeaterShaker or HeaterCooler how would I create that backend? Do I need to reverse engineer those firmware commands?


Yes. What I did when creating the STAR backend is look at the log files created by Venus.

We also got the firmware documentation for STAR. I believe you should ask Eric from Hamilton about that (he’s on the forum too!).

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Got it. I have to admit I am not keen on that but I will give it a try. I’ll start with looking at the firmware documentation. Can you point me in the right direction?

I’d recommend sending some simple commands using a Venus script and checking what firmware commands are being sent. Then you can send those same commands using Python. How depends on the type of connection. Does your module connect to your main computer, or the the STAR itself?

Also, if you have an hsl file (Venus library) for the module that’s very helpful. You can open those in VSCode (select c++ syntax highlighting) and get a good sense of the module functionality.

Thanks! I’m going to run create a simple method as you said and see what I get. I appreciate it.