Translating autoload barcode into a deck position

Hello All,

I have a method which reads in a file and then looks for the appropriate barcodes for plate positions. The autoload will pull in the plates and read the barcodes (at least they appear in the .txt file), but when the method goes to pull the samples the program throws an error saying “LabwareId XXXX is invalid for the current deck layout”. Can anyone point me to what I might be missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Hi Galen,

Welcome to the forum! Have you had a chance to search the forum yet? There are some threads where we’ve covered barcode handling in VENUS (search function works great on Discourse) and we’ve also posted some example methods such as the Barcode Scan and File Comparison, Loading with Barcode Recovery, and the VENUS Programming Challenges. If you look at the Barcode Scan and File Comparison method, it uses barcoded sample tubes as an example, but the approach would work for plates as well. Just need to change the sequences used and change the labware level to 300 (this is explained in the Help file for the command).


If you’re still running into issues, then please upload your method pkg and trace file showing the error to this Shared Temp folder so we can best assist you. Password is Hamilton23.




Thanks Eric,

I have looked through the forum a bit, but I will go through it again with those search terms and take you up on the review if I cannot get past it.



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