Typical 2D Barcode labeler?

We haven’t had a need to implement barcoding until now so we are looking for an easy to use labeler to track plates and reagents. What have you guys found to be a common or best bang for your buck barcode labeler for labeling 2mL tubes and plates? When searching there are a ton of options and we’re looking for something like a gold standard when it comes to labeling consumables on deck that will be read by a Hamilton 2D autoloader.

Are you integrating this labeler to a LIMS or ELN? If so, which one?

This can help guide your selection. For example Benchling & Zebra printers are bff’s.

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I’d vote that Zebra printers are pretty much the go-to standard. And I like Labtag.com for all your labeling needs. I assume this isn’t an automated labeler for plates, if that’s what you want the discussion is different, but doesn’t seem like that’s what you’re looking for.


Most likely benchling. Thanks!

Right, not automated. Thanks!

Check this out: https://help.benchling.com/hc/en-us/sections/6504819177101-Label-printing

You may have to use BarTender plus a printer or potentially just the Zebra printer.

I’ve used BarTender → Zebra Printer and Benchling → Zebra Printer.


Wow, super helpful! :slight_smile: thank you!