Useful subprocesses

Just wanted to share a few subprocesses that I have been developed and are quite useful for my own work - it might help some other folks in the future.


Really simple script to set volumes in a labware as a function of labware position, current volume, and volume to add. I use this a lot to over-aspirate from wells or to adjust volume for overages and calibration offsets.


More complicated process that handles re-rack of tips and swapping between an active and reserve tip positions. Includes dynamic Build-a-box creation, tip type selection. Input is columns to pickup for the 96ch, row-wise pickup is not supported. It’s not commented excessively, but it’s not unclear either. Reach out if there’s any questions. I might make a video of this some time in the near future.


This feels like great material to host on the Wiki!


Yes absolutely, feel free to make a new page if it doesnt fit on an existing one

Not so great with wiki editing, but I started adding some resources.


Thanks! Ill fix it up if anything looks amiss but that is really good!

Looks great ! NGS Beads wash 64 samples concentration to 16 samples & Tip Counters & Customized trash position. - YouTube