Using an [MPE]2 on i7?

We’re looking into trying to combine a Hamilton [MPE]2 with a Biomek i7, is this a bad idea?

Beckman hasn’t gotten back to me about a service call so I’m trying to figure out if this is possible. I’m assuming the MPE can’t be controlled through the Biomek software at all, but does anyone know if it’d be possible to install onto the deck in a semi-official manner?

Pretty sure Hamilton’s MPE won’t play nice with the Biomeks. Beckman instead has their own preferred 3rd party made PPE system made through Amplius. Haven’t seen one or tried it out, but Amplius also has their own Robocolumn and Colony Picking system.

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Hi @STomp , It has been our experience that Hamilton will not assist in the integration of their MPE2 onto any other LH or as a stand alone device on a system integration. Last year, we were told yeah no problem at SLAS, then when we dug deeper, we were told nope.

Sounds like the classic engineer vs business struggle.

I’d read into this as, it’s 100% possible but it’ll be a solo venture.

I’m sorry that someone told you otherwise but it is correct that Hamilton will not integrate the device onto other liquid handling platforms. The driver for the MPE2 is designed for the VENUS software.

So while it might be technically possible, Hamilton is not in a position to support such an integration.

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