Variable input for plate type in asp/disp commands

The BC section of this forum is looking pretty sparse, but I’m betting we have some good resident experts out here. I have I problem that I think has an easy solution, but I’m not having any luck figuring this out on my own.

I’m trying to add procedures to control repeatable tasks of asp:disp cycles into varying types of labware. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to change the labware type dynamically. This value doesn’t seem to update to the correct labware when the ALP pos is set as the target, which (as I understand it) affects labware dimensions, well dimensions, etc…
I imagine the issue is that this is a dropdown list rather than another type of entry field so I’m unable to modify the source list. I’ve looked into the super-secret scripting elements, and this field is at Root > items > 0 > LabwareClass but as before, this field cannot accept a variable as input and instead interprets any entry here as literal/raw, so it would try to find a plate called “=LabwareType”, for example.
Anyone know for certain if this is attainable or if this is a lost cause?

Looks like Beckman shut down the Club Biomek website, which was a tremendous resource for the better part of two decades.

The short answer is that you don’t need to specify the labware type. If you define a step using a Titerplate or Tube Rack with a given number of positions, then you can use any labware with the same number of positions at runtime and the correct labware definition will be dynamically applied. (This does NOT apply to Reservoir labware definitions.)