Venus 4, Installation .NET Framework

Reinstallation or new installation of the Venus Software becomes an adventure every single time. Now I have a freshly set-up Windows 10 system and as always, the installer routine requires .NET Framework 3.5 which is so outdated, it is not even funny. It will not accept any newer versions that are already on the system and should be downward-compatible. Does anybody know a solution to the frequently blocked installation here?

@Florian - .NET 3.5 can be activated (with an internet connection) as a Windows feature.


I would activate and then re-run the installer.


Thank you, that helped. However, now I am stuck again at the SQL Server 2014 installation, which seems to be the error that leads to this message in the attached screenshot. I’d rather have it just working.

Screenshot 2023-05-17 165610

Ive gotten this before, make sure the file exists in the path it’s looking at. Its happened when Ive tried installing from a folder that hadnt been completely copied

Was there a separate error message related to an issue with installation of SQL Server 2014? Or did the installation process seem to be idle on that step before progressing to this error? The SQL Server installation takes a bit of time, so it can seem like the VENUS installer is stalling when it is setting up SQL Server.

If this was the only error message/issue encountered, then I would follow Stefan’s advice, and make sure the file is present in the installation folder location.

Additional guidance for installation and reinstallation issues can be found here in the quick guides section of the Hamilton materials share. If you are experiencing SQL installation issues, I would uninstall all SQL server components that may currently exist on the PC before re-running the VENUS installer. There is a section in the linked guide that outlines this.

Hope this resolves the issue.


Thank you all. What helped resolve the issue was a separate installation of the necessary components (.NET and SQL Server). The automated installation via the Venus installer failed repeatedly.
I would suggest to uncouple the installers.

Well - unfortunately with the manual SQL Server installation the settings don’t match and a connection to the vector DB is not working.How do I configure the SQL Database?

See below for pertinent materials. These and other materials can be found in the Lab Automation Forum folder.

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Amazing! @EricSindelar_Hamilton Thank you!