VENUS and Vector software version numbers

Hi @EricSindelar_Hamilton, @NickHealy_Hamilton and all the other hamilton guys up here,
can you please explain clearly which version numbers of Vector and VENUS represent the same software?

Can you please also explain how to read the Vector and VENUS version number from an installed software?

In the trace file, as far as I know, only the Phoenix version number is given, so it would be great if you can also link this to the Vector and VENUS versions.

I think this is a question that all VENUS users are interested in and this thread could be a reference.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Max,

For the VENUS software, you can determine the base software and device versions using the HxVersion.exe found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Hamilton\Bin directory.

  • The Phoenix version refers to the underlying base Vector software
  • The ML_STAR version refers to the device or instrument software version. Vector can support many different devices so depending on your setup, you may see other devices listed here. Note that you only get access to the ML_STAR commands in VENUS if you link a method to a layout file with an ML_STAR device.

In regards to the numbering, there’s a bit of history behind that. Originally, our software was just called Vector. When Vector 4.2 was released, it came with a lot of new features, so it was rebranded as VENUS one with VENUS standing for VEctor New USer software. Unfortunately, this meant that the brand name was then off by one with the actual software version. For example, VENUS four is actually Vector 4.5.

This has all been changed in VENUS 6 so the brand name, the Phoenix version, and the instrument version are all aligned.


Thank you so much!