Venus Door Lock/ Unlock Function

Does Venus have a way to control the locking or unlocking of the enclosure door?

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Which platform? On a STAR?

Yes a STAR

Open the VENUS Method Editor and go to the Menu β†’ Tools β†’ System Configuration Editor. Select ML_STAR and go to the Instrument configuration section. For the automatic locking of front cover, select Enabled as shown below:


There is a simple VENUS command to Lock/Unlock the Front Cover (Single Step) in the ML_STAR steps:


​In general, it is recommended to add a Front Cover Lock command at the start of the method, set it to Unlock just prior to any user output to allow an operator to access the deck, and then immediately set to Lock after.

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Instrument Cover Monitoring also needs to be enabled via the Service Software. This is typically set up by the Field Service Engineer - if you need assistance with this, please reach out to me directly.

​If Instrument Cover Monitoring is disabled in Service Software but Cover Locking is enabled in VENUS System Configuration, then you would get this error:


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this is for general use or pyhamilton?

I have an industry contact inquiring about integrating it into PyHamilton

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