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Hey Chris, I was able to get a new server set up through the system configuration editor. I believe it’s in the database connection settings, there’s an option to prepare a new server. The default Hamilton server failed to start so I created a new SQL express server and used Venus to prepare that. Appears to be working without issue. Hope that helps!


Hi Luke, similarly to what I think you were seeing, I’m trying to install Venus on my Parallels system. What I’m seeing is a failure of the SQL Server Windows Service to remain running. I have tried to prepare a server but when testing this connection I’m still seeing an error:
Cannot open database connection…error 26 - Error locating server/instance specified.
Any insight would be amazing. Thanks!

Been meaning to reply to @chips-a-hoai about this as well. I haven’t had a chance to set up a fresh parallels instance yet to refresh my memory, but here’s the gist:

I followed this guide for installing a new SQL server instance which I left under the default name of SQLEXPRESS.

During the install, you may need to do some repair/install steps to download the correct packages for Windows 11 ARM. I think the original Venus install skips these checks which causes the initial issue. Once the new SQL server is set up, go to your system configuration editor and update the vector database connection setting with the credentials for the SQL server you just set up.

I believe that was all I had to to do, let me know if you run into issues and I can try to help troubleshoot!

I’m interested to hear that several people are having issues with VMs. Are you on apple or intel chips?
I use Parallels, with a Windows 11 machine and have had no issues at all… I’m on a 2014 iMac though…

this is specific to the M1 macbooks. @LukeWitt how were you able to install the SQL server? When I tried installed MS SQL Server 2014, it wasn’t supported by the M1 chip.

Does the 2019 instance of the SQL server work with Hamilton software?

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@Gareth Mine is set up with an M2 Macbook Pro

@chips-a-hoai I believe the Windows 11 version that I installed came with SQL server 2014 pre-loaded, or it was installed when I set up Venus initially, not sure which since I didn’t check before running the installer, but I didn’t need to install it manually. Sorry, I know that’s not super helpful. Might be M1 vs M2 thing (but I’d be kinda surprised).

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I’d also be very interested in a setup guide for SQL server which isn’t end of life!

Being able to install SQL server 2019 and have it work happily with Venus would be fantastic

Hi @SRP,

I tested out an install of SQL Server Express 2019 in my VMware VM and followed the guide we have written (I believe it was shared by Eric, and I was assuming that’s what is being referred to here) and I was able to install the software without issue and it seems to be communicating with VENUS without any problems. Is there anything in particular that needs improvement in the guide? I can’t speak to anything Linux or Mac related, but on Windows 10 it is working as intended. Please let me know if there’s a discrepancy.

I see 2019 has a lot of extra features. You will likely want to uncheck anything that wasn’t on the original guide, such as Machine Learning Services, Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search, Client Tools SDK, Client Tools Backwards Compatibility, and Client Tools Connectivity. I only left the 3 items the guide listed for my manual installation.


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This link no longer works FYI

Hi Stefan,

Here is an updated link.

Please do not re-post outside of this forum.

Thank you,


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Ok I will keep that in mind. Someone emailed me asking for the link, can I direct them here?

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Yes, that would be great!

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Use DBPlus ( sql clous version) for Venus. u dont need SQl on your computer.

Hi Kalpesh, could you please explain more? What do you use DBPlus for? What advantages does it have?

DBplus is a version which Hamilton sell. Where u dont need sql on your computer. You can use a cloud based sql server. So you dont have to worry about installing on computer. Specifically for Mac or VM.

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Ah I see, thanks Kalpesh.

@LukeWitt I just went through the process of getting VENUS 5 up and running on an M1 Mac in Parallels (Windows 11), so I wanted to add to what you’ve mentioned here since it was very helpful.

The main additional step I needed was to install SQL Server Express 2014 (I went with 32 bit because I read elsewhere that it might play nicer with Apple silicon, but 64 bit might work as well - I didn’t test). I installed SQL Server before installing VENUS, and then after following the guide you linked everything seems to work great.

I did have to install SQL Server manually (couldn’t just let VENUS do it) as the version of VENUS I was using would try to install SQL Server 2019, which would fail and crash the VENUS installer.


Ah thanks for the reminder, I had big time issues with SQL Server 2019 on the M1 so I installed an older version.

Also had the same issue for a personal project earlier this year so I just ended up hosting the SQL database on Azure which was much easier to maintain than I ever imagined. There’s a workaround for newer versions but I don’t want to spin up a Docker container for it.

Maybe it’s a good “learning Docker” project but eh.

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