*Venus/Hamilton Labware Library SOS

Hey Everyone,

I’m having trouble getting a labware library for a HV reservoir (holds ~ 350-450 mL). It’d make a huge difference in what I’m trying to accomplish for a method. I contacted the Hamilton company & submitted a ticket but haven’t had any luck getting a hold of anyone that can help.

Below is the link of the 96 Deep Well reservoir:

… This forum has been my saving grace before so I’m hoping you guys can help & come to the rescue again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you as always!

Hi Day,

Are you looking for a container and rack file that appropriately defines the labware your linked too?


… Yes! Currently the labware files I have are no higher than 300 mL which wouldn’t work for the container I need to use unfortunately.

I don’t think I’ve come across that specific trough, but I can inquire with the applications team at large. In the meantime, you could use one of the Ham_DW_Rgt_96 definitions and increase the rack, container, and liquid seek heights.

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This should be a better representation of the labware based off of online resources.

Scilutions HV trough

The available technical drawings were not sufficient to guarantee perfect container accuracy, but this will certainly be better than using a typical 300mL trough definition. If greater accuracy is desired, then the definition would need to be tweaked based off of caliper measurements with a physical sample of the labware.

Hopefully the above is sufficient for your purposes. Please test this definition prior to using it in a production run as I do not have access to this trough to test for you.

If further assistance is required, then it would need to be arranged for an application specialist to be onsite, or for an unused trough sample to be shipped to a Hamilton facility. If this becomes necessary, let us know and we can assist with next steps.




I’ll apply that strategy to start in hopes it works, great idea & appreciate it more than words!

Nick you’re an absolute hero!! THIS IS GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!! I’ll test this thoroughly as soon as possible but this is the most promising solution I’ve come across yet. I can’t thank you enough, sincerely.