Venus on Vantage: Firmware check failed


I’m trying to do a simple aspirate and dispense on a Hamilton Vantage. I’ve heard Venus on Vantage is the easiest way to do this, so that’s what I am using, but if people have been able to do this using Instinct / something else, I’d be happy to use that instead.

My current Venus method is just a super simple single variable assignment, so no actual hardware operations. It runs fine in simulation. Unfortunately, when trying to run this on the robot I get an error saying Firmware check failed at modul C0-RE 96 Head, version on instrument S. 2022-10-06 (XRP H0) (0x29 - 0x1 - 0x9).

What can I do to resolve / work around this error?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rick,

When VENUS Run Control is launched for a live (non simulated) run, there is a ‘run analysis’ phase executed prior to any method execution, in which Run Control connects to the VANTAGE and quickly runs a series of configuration checks. One of the checks is to scan which firmware rev is downloaded on each component.

You are running a recent version of MPH 96 version, which may not have existed upon release of the version of VoV you are running. I can help you out via DM.



Thanks! I’ll DM you.