Videos of robots crashing? (to share)

Hey guys,
I’m putting together a goofy video for my LinkedIn page that will have a lot of robots crashing in it. It’s going to be a personal video (aka, not a Hamilton marketing thing) that is not going to be pushing for or mocking any brand of robot.

I just want the biggest, most dramatic, pain and cringe-inducing crashes. SCARA arms punching panels, liquid handlers hitting tubes with the tips, plates dropping from gripper arms, mobile robots tipping over, you name it, I want it!

If you’re interested, shoot me a DM or comment below and we can talk more/we can coordinate getting the video over to me and crediting you. :slight_smile:

Update: the project has been shelved for now due to concerns that the distinction between Michael the person and Michael the Hamilton employee doing a goofy project like this might be a bit blurry, and it could come across the wrong way.


we should definitely start a photo stream of images
probably labelled “wow, that escalated quickly & how do we recover from this?”


+1 for videos of robots catching fire. Maybe ask if your new engineer trainers have any videos?

#wcpgw :slight_smile:

following this thread for sure! I’ll see if I can dig up content too.

I’ve never crashed a robot. /s


We have seen the aftermath of many robots crashing. No videos yet. :slight_smile: