What is SiLA?

What is SiLA? Everyone tells me I should look into SiLA. How do I actually use their products or standards as an automation engineer? What are the benefits of using their standards vs the costs of not using them?

Is there any way to improve upon what they’ve built? What other approaches could be taken to the problem of standardization?

If anyone here knows anyone connected to SiLA, please invite them to the forum!


It’s basically integrations for automation devices. e.g. Plate reader, robotic arms, centrifuge, thermal cyclers, etc. Most laboratory vendors offers SiLa drivers to control their instrument. SiLA is basically a middleware server that helps translate communication between all the devices. It can also connect to your LIMS systems. SiLA supports different languages. If you want to talk to someone, I suggest joining the SiLA Slack channel.

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What’s the SiLA slack channel?

There is a link to join the slack channel.