An introduction to Liquid Classes

Hi all,

I just wanted to share that I am hosting a webinar this Thursday, August 17th at 11am PST with @Michael_Vuke. We’ll provide a general overview of liquid handling methodology, liquid classes, and ways to monitor to ensure proper transfers.

There are also some other threads on this forum that cover these topics:

The webinar will be recorded for those who can’t attend in person. Thank you!



Hi Eric,

Where will we be able to find the recording?

You should be able to use the same link to the webinar to access it, but I can confirm after it’s posted!

Thank you!

At least with the other Hamilton webinars I’ve been a part of, it was the same link. It may take some time post-webinar for it to be available on demand as it saves/processes, so if it isn’t immediately available, try again the next day and I’d expect it to be live.

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Hi all,

The recording of the webinar has been uploaded! You can register and view using this link (which is the same in my original post)!