Ariumbot - A compact liquid handler workstation and more

Ariumbot-S is a compact liquid handler workstation that can fit any laboratory bench without compromising the quality with a cost of one tenth the competition.

Ariumbot-S is specially designed for small and medium size laboratories where the space is limited. With the 48cm (width) x 55cm (depth) x 49cm (height) dimensions, Ariumbot-S has one of the smallest footprint liquid handling platform in the market.

For more information plz contact us.

See you in Boston,MA BIO2023


Do you have any videos of the instrument available or a picture without the image filter?

We are going to launch the product at Boston,MA BIO2023 on 5th of June. After that we will start getting orders. You are welcome to send us an email for detailed information: Sorry about the image filter :slight_smile:

This is a very cool product and website! June 5th you say.

Thanks! We will keep you informed. We are sorry that we have just decided not to post in our website yet but if you like we can send detailed information through email.

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I can wait! Or post here in the rag-tag community of super customers/engineers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me now if you want to be part of a Lab Automators event in Boston, Philly, San Jose, San Diego, or Munich and you could bring a unit and people could get up close and personal with it.